100% Cotton Shirts Are The Only Way To Go

Men prefer their shirts to be quite fascinating and neat at the same time. Most men prefer a chic, stylish shirt; something that can go well with trousers as well as denims. Let’s go through a few tips to select a great shirt:

  • Choose a breathable fabric – In any garment, the fabric counts the most. Next time you choose the shirt fabric, try a simple test – hold it against your mouth and breathe out. Do you feel some air on your palm held near the fabric? If you don’t feel much, then the fabric might not be a breathable one. Try this on a couple of fabrics before you rush to select one.
  • Usually, lightweight fabrics are high on breathability factor. Moreover, if you want to avoid heavy sweating, 100% cotton shirts are the only way to go.
  • Focus on the fit of the shirt – Different types of shirts fit differently. For example, a casual shirt may have a more relaxed fit as compared to dress shirts. Perhaps you could look for a shirt that allows an extra inch, each at the waist and the shoulders. This also prevents your hot spots from showing up in case you happen to sweat.
  • Length of a shirt – Shirts are usually worn tucked in, however, let’s consider the length as well! If a chosen shirt fully covers the back side of the wearer, or the lower front side, then it could be too long. However, when you buy a 100% custom-made cotton shirt, you can be sure of the length (and other measurements).
  • Collars and placement of buttons – The collars and buttons can make or break the look of a shirt! For a dapper look, collars must lay well and should not look sloppy. Likewise, the button placement should be appropriate and should be as per the wearer’s body proportions.

Usually, when people buy off-the-rack shirts, they may not be able to get complete satisfaction as per the above specifications. Readymade garments are manufactured using standard measurements and may not meet every user’s expectations in terms of fabric, style or fit.

Men who wear custom-tailored shirts can be rest assured. These shirts are a perfect blend of style and fit. Every detail is taken care of to make sure that the garment is as per an individual’s preference and body type. One can always go online and connect with a tailoring house that offers designer bespoke shirts. Such a company has a wide range of products and provides great services to their customers.