Things to Look for in Maternity Clothes


The maternity clothes should not be loose and bulky or have dim colours. They should be stylish and cheerful. Go for warm colours from burgundy to coral and baby blue. Consider patterns like horizontal stripes and dots. The decorative elements like frills, draping, lace and embroidery are particularly beautiful.

Flattering Design

You would want the maternity clothes which you buy to be equally comfortable during the first and the third trimester. This is easily achievable with the right design. The tops and dresses with A-line and empire waist design are ideal for future mums. They have a fairly form-fitting top part and a skirt which flows freely from just under the bust. They can accommodate you perfectly no matter how big your belly grows.

Belly Band

This is a mandatory feature for the maternity pants and skirts. The elastic band works to support the growing belly of the pregnant woman. It provides relief to the back and can add greatly to your comfort. It is quite helpful during the first few months after birth as well. You can consider pants and skirts with a belly band which rolls or flaps down when not in use.

Roomy or Stretchy

When you buy maternity dresses and tops, you would want them to have sufficient room at the top part to accommodate your growing bust during pregnancy. The items should give you enough room at the front and at the back and at the shoulders as well. Alternatively, these items must be stretchy at the top.

If you plan to get form-fitting wrap tops and dresses, it is mandatory for them to be stretchy at the top and at the belly. When it comes to tops, you can opt for ones which are sufficiently long to cover your tummy and offer support.

Optimal Length

It is important for the maternity clothes to look elegant as well as to feel comfy. That is why you should be careful with the length of skirts and dresses. They should not be too short as your growing belly can make them even shorter. The knee length is both elegant and comfortable. Longer models should not interfere with movement.