Jewelry, Dressing, and Fashion

Jewelry is part of dressing up, with varying types for different purposes. There are earrings, necklaces, nose rings, anklets, bracelets, hair ornaments, and others. Fashion is not complete without the use of jewelry. Knowing what goes with what and when to wear some jewelry and when not to all talk about fashion. Women generally pay more attention to this aspect. Their wardrobe is always full of varying accessories. They love to color code and be updated with the latest fashion.

How to use jewelry

· Try out

In this case, you try out different jewelry to see which ones are of the best fit for you. For earrings, you have to consider your face, your hairstyle, and your skin tone. Try out different combinations, try them out with various dressing, do all kinds of combinations. You will surely find your preference.

· Know the limit

Some people want all jewelry around and on them to be dazzling and sparkling. They want to be the highlight of the event. This should not be so. When you put on a dazzling piece, have something less dazzling or more subtle, to go along with the dazzling piece.

· Choose your earrings

Earrings are always conspicuous since it is around your face and at eye level. Choose earrings that match your face and hairstyle. Please don’t use an earring that matches your hair color; it will make it less conspicuous. If you have a round face, use long and angular designs and not round earrings.

· Choose your dressing

When it comes to dressing and jewelry, you have two alternatives. You either choose the dress for the event first and choose the matching jewelry or select the jewelry first and find a matching outfit. The selection process is just a preparation process of planning.

· Focus: jewelry or clothing

When you dress up for an event, consider this. Do you want to dazzle onlookers with the clothing style or with the jewelry or with both? Choosing both will mostly not work. Hence, you have to choose either. Whichever your choice is, the point here is that one has to be spectacular while the other, more subtle. If you wear dull clothes and sparkling jewelry, the jewelry will be noticed and will compliment and also bring out the beauty of the dress. If the dress is bold, then choose less conspicuous jewelry to match.

· Focus: jewelry

When you want the jewelry to be the highlight of your dressing, choose the right jewelry and for the correct body part. Anklets cannot be a highlight of dressing because attention is not paid to the ankle. To get people fixated on your jewelry, choose the body parts people will notice quickly, your neck, your ears, your hands. So, you can wear those bracelets, those long earrings and that string of necklace.

· Your taste

While you follow the guidelines, remember, your taste matters the most. There will always be a different way to wear some jewelry, when and when not to use them. They vary with every time. Dress to suit you, fashion is always changing and will change. Don’t be a slave to trends.


Dressing, fashion, and jewelry go together. For whatever purpose you are wearing jewelry, check out the jeweler you want to buy from first. If you are purchasing online, check out reviews about the jeweler first. You can read through  Littman jewelers reviews to give you an overview of the store as well as their products.