Shopping For Embroidery Sewing Machines

Consider the Brand:

This is an important feature to factor in since the brand indirectly determines the quality of the machine you are investing in. Selected brands have built a lasting reputation based on the features they offer, the ease of use, customer support and service, construction design and quality. There are models that can be used for sewing, those that can be used for embroidery work and those that can be used for both sewing and embroidery. It is essential to compare brands and features to get high quality at an affordable price.

The Machine Type:

There are different types of machines available on the market today. They include electronic, manual and computerized machines. The choice you make should match the purpose of sewing or embroidery, the expected quality and the desired speed at which you intend to complete the work.

Programming and Features:

The ease of programming and the features offered will influence your experience with the machine. This applies particularly to those machines that have the embroidery feature integrated into their systems. It is important to check the overall dimensions of the machine and the embroidery field to make sure they match the projects in question. The other features you should enquire about include the machine speed, the type of selection and width and length of stitch.

One also needs to pay attention to programming. On some machine the designing is done on a home computer following which it is transferred to the machine via a cable or a disk. High-end models have a computer on board and dispenses with the need for an additional, externally-connected PC device.

Care and Maintenance:

When buying any kind of appliance, maintenance is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Always ensure that you are settling for a sewing machine that you can keep up with in terms of caring and maintaining it. A few machines also need to be updated periodically so as to keep them functioning in optimum condition.


The cost of sewing and embroidery machines vary based on its size, capabilities and features. You should invest in a machine that is not a burden on your pocket.