Choose The Right Fabric When Buying Designer Hats


This material makes most of the high-end designer hats. You can wear leather hats to most events as long as the hat matches well with the outfit. They require dedicated maintenance to keep that classy look for years. When handling such a hat, read carefully the instructions given and clean it professionally. Leather when poorly handled grows old fast and gets wrinkles making it impossible to wear.


Wool is a warm fabric and is very comfortable. It is a great choice for hats worn in cooler seasons such as fall and winter. It is also easy to clean thus making it easy to maintain as well. Remember that wool changes after it encounters water so make sure you clean according to the manufactures instructions to avoid shrinking or expanding. Most wool hats are not heavy, especially those that are woven. Woolen hats are most suitable for a casual event on weekends, brunch with ladies or a night out. Do not wear one to a dinner, a cocktail or a formal gathering.


Most wide brimmed hats and fedoras come in felt. They are great for fun, casual outdoor events. Since the material is light, they are good on hot days where the hat is worn for a long time. An advantage of a felt hat is its longevity. Although they are durable, they require proper maintenance to last a long time. Handle gently by holding them by their brim. Do not stuff them in bags or with clothes, as they will lose their shape.


Cotton hats are comfortable, absorb sweat and are good for sporty-day outs. When paired with shorts or trendy jeans they turn any simple outfit into a sophisticated athletic look. Ensure that you clean your cotton designer hats by hand with a lint roller to maintain shape and increase durability. They are however prone to stains and you should clean stains soon after they occur. Use a clean cloth warm water and hydrogen peroxide if necessary.