The mandatory dresses you should own

Although people consider that women have a spectrum of clothes to choose from when it comes to looking fashionable but only a woman knows why they look at a wardrobe full of clothes and still consider that they have nothing to wear. Because when the choices are more, it becomes more difficult to make a final decision. But for the confused women, dresses have always come as a saviour. Dresses have been worn from the longest period of time, it has never gone out of fashion. Dresses can not only be worn on casual days but also for going to parties. So here are few types of dresses that every girl should have in her wardrobe.

A line dresses: A line dresses are called so, because the dresses follow the shape of the letter A. It looks like a triangle where it’s fitting at the top and then flows down in the bottom. The best thing about A line dresses is that it suits all types of body whether it’s apple shaped, pear shaped or hour glass. Pairing it with a belt and shoes enhances the look.  It comes in various prints and colours.

Little black dress: Everyone knows the famous maxim that every girl should own a little black dress. No matter how many clothes you have in your wardrobe, it’s fairly incomplete without a little black dress. Little black dresses can come in various silhouette. A lines, baby dolls, fit and flare etc. Choose the silhouette which suits you. Little black dresses are perfect for parties or for going out for dinner. A cherry red lipstick along with black high heels beautifully  completes the look. All started by Coco channel in 1926, little black dresses are still triumphantly ruling our hearts.

A line dresses

Shirt Dress:  If you want to wear dress but also want to give a formal look, shirt dress will come to your rescue. These are perfect for those days when you want to ditch your shirt and pant, and wear a beautiful dress. Pair a shirt dress with a thin belt and boots. You can also alter the boots with sneakers. Wear sneakers if you want to give a sporty look.  These dresses look great on summer days.

Wrap dress:  If you want a dress that will accentuate your curves and break the hotness meter, wrap dress should be your first choice.  It’s a layered dress where you tie the layers on your waist. A wrap dress of solid colour even looks fancier. Pair it with boots and your look is complete.

Carrying a good dress is a privilege. You should always take great time in choosing them. You can buy them in bulk from wholesalers, there are various wholesalers who manufacture clothes according to your need like kids clothing wholesalers or boots wholesalers. You can also buy it online. Make sure it fits you well and you’re ready to be on the cover of every magazine.