I Am in Las Vegas for Now

I did not really start out looking for this sort of job, in fact I am hardly sure exactly what to call it. Whatever it is, this seems like exactly the wrong place to do it. In essence I am a professional friend to a guy that I have known for a very long time, but he has had other friends who always helped in get in trouble and I am supposed to keep him out of it. At any rate this morning I had to sort out some nonsense with a Las Vegas escort service, which is a little unusual. Of course these people can afford to pay me to do whatever I am doing and so that is actually not so big of a deal. However the family likes to keep him on a short leash, meaning that his charge card does not have a huge limit on it like a rich person normally would. I have the card that does that sort of thing, because they know I am going to use it as necessary.

At any rate I am going to be doing this for awhile. The big idea we have is to get Kyle out of the city. He used to be a terrific outdoorsman just like his dad and his grandfathers. So the next stop is this place in Idaho, a little river that used to be teeming with trout. Of course it is the last place where you can find the sort of trouble we are trying to avoid. In fact there is not so much that I can do either way when you boil things down. People only stop doing stuff that they want to stop doing. Friends, family, doctors and such they do not really get much of a vote at the end of it.